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About Us

Pie Plate Patterns was started in 2006 by Tammy German and Brenda Bailey. Brenda had been teaching a basic quilting class in the Community Education program and Tammy was one of her first students. Tammy started teaching with her and at the request of some of their students, they began a new class, teaching table runners and wall hangings for each month of the year.

Brenda and Tammy had many requests for the patterns they were teaching, so they decided to publish the patterns. This took months, but they finally got them ready. Brenda's daughter, Bonnie was asked to help with the front covers of the patterns, and when Tammy's life took a different direction, she sold her share of the company to Bonnie.

Since Bonnie and Brenda have been partners, they have published 6 quilt patterns books:

  • Piece of Pie: Layer Cake Friendly Quilt Patterns That first book has been reprinted 4 times!
  • Piece of Pie a la Mode: More Layer Cake Friendly Quilts Patterns
  • Seasons Gone Pie - Winter
  • Seasons Gone Pie - Spring
  • Seasons Gone Pie - Summer
  • Seasons Gone Pie - Autumn
They also came up with a fun, easy technique to make a quilt with no piecing!  They call this their Pie to Go! method and have 4 fun little booklets full of patterns that use this technique:
  • No Sew - Pie to Go!
  • No Sew - Pie to Go! 2
  • No Sew - Pie to Go! 3
  • Lo Sew - Pie to Go! 4
Brenda and Bonnie are always working on a new quilting project!  Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram to keep up with their latest designs!