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5. Starry Night Block Exchange - Taught by Bonnie Folkner WEDNESDAY EVENING

$ 20.00

I am SO excited about this class!  I LOVE, LOVE block exchanges because I get a little piece of so many of my friends in my quilt!

The plan: we will make the same block(s) for each person in our exchange.  This WILL require some prep work before the retreat.  The number of sets will depend on how many quilters choose to do the exchange.  It is gonna rock, so you should ALL sign up!  Everyone will get the exact same blocks, and I'll give you some ideas for putting them all together!  Make a few choices and we'll get to work putting our quilts together.  We should get a pretty good start at construction.

The rules: We are going to be using stars, scraps and jewel tones.  *ooh. aah!*

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