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7. A True Herringbone - Taught by Laurel Workman THURSDAY MORNING

$ 20.00

Learn to make a true herringbone quilt that will stump your friends and have them asking “How did she DO that??!!” You will be learning how to work with Partial Seams, which sounds very tricky but is actually fun and works up quickly. There is a pattern for $10, which includes a lap size with two different styles, and a Crib size with simple stripes. It is a perfect scrapbuster quilt, but the pattern is also perfectly designed for using a jelly roll! Once you master the technic, you can fly on your own--making all types of quilts using any size strips and the sky-is-the-limit with variety of design. This is darling in every sort of fabric.

Skill Level: All

Pattern Fee: $10.00

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