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16. Binding 101 - Taught by Brenda Bailey

16. Binding 101 - Taught by Brenda Bailey

$ 30.00

Binding 101 - Saturday Morning, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Binding can either make or break your quilt.  After all of your hard work,
piecing and quilting, take the time to make your binding just as good,
instead of just something you have to do to get your project finished.
In this class you will have hands-on experience with:
   How to pick what fabric to use
   How much fabric to buy
   How to cut your binding (bias and straight grain)
   How to prepare your quilt to attach your binding
   How to sew  your binding to your quilt
   How to do mitered and rounded corners
   How to machine stitch and hand stitch your binding down.
Your binding is the frame for your masterpiece, so come and learn how to
make your binding better.

A kit will be supplied to each student with all of the fabric  you will

Sewing Machine
Basic Sewing Kit

Kit:  $10

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