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01. Nuts & Bolts - Taught by Michelle Bearnson

$ 30.00

Nuts & Bolts - Wednesday Afternoon, 2 -5 p.m.

This project is repurposed fabric or it can be all new.

If you are looking for a project that is

A = Adorable, B = Bold, C = Countless Possibilities,

You are in luck. This is the class for you!

Get those Jeans! Take them from the closet, from the drawers, from laundry or off your body.  Husbands beware; your jeans could be in jeopardy! Cut plenty of jeans to make a beautiful quilt.  Nothing wasted.

Get into your stash!  Bring some scrap fabric to do the circles and borders portion of the blocks.  The bigger the variety, the more creative your quilt will be.  Let's use that fabric that we just can't bring ourselves to part with.  You know; the scraps from every quilt you have ever made.  Now it is time to showcase your creativity.  If you already have it, use it!

Get into your closet!  If you have any polyester, suiting or that weight of material, bring it along.  Corduroy is great fabric for this project.  This is a great SHARE for your fellow classmates.

If all else fails, get to a thrift store for fabric to repurpose.  Used fabric can be just as good as new.  Reward yourself for being both smart and frugal, take another class at the retreat or buy some new fabric!

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