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3. Handkerchief Quilt - Taught by Krisanne Watkins

$ 30.00

Quilters come in all shapes and sizes, as well as at all levels of ability.  Two characteristics seem to be common amongst us. The first is that we all love fabric suitable for making quilts, and the second is that we all seem to have an ever enlarging stash of scraps left over from our projects.

Handkerchief Quilt (I really don’t understand why that is its name) is a pattern handed down to me by my maternal grandmother.  It is graphically very striking as well as versatile. It can be easily adjusted to accommodate the size of scraps you want to work with.  It is reminiscent of the log cabin block with the marked fabric division in the block, but is actually much simpler to make.

Hopefully, you will choose to join us to learn this great block.  

Skill Level: All

Pattern Fee: $10.00

Kit Fee: No Kit

Finished Size: Any size you want! - Blocks are 10"

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