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3. Bentley's Beauty - Taught by Krisanne Watkins WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON

$ 20.00
As a pattern designer, I use EQ software to design my quilts. One day I was playing with a block design. My usual practice is to design in gray scale so that I don’t feel committed to specific colors as I move further along in the design process.
The black and white version was as far as I had progressed when my then 7 year old granddaughter came into my office. She asked if she could color my block. Permission was granted (after I had ensured that the block was saved).
A few hours later, Bentley’s Beauty was on my computer screen in all it’s glory!
I decided that no further work needed to be done on her coloration, so chose to make one oversized block just as Bentley had colored it.
Bentley’s Beauty finishes at 40 inches. There are many flying geese, made in a simple method. Feel free to come up with your own coloration or be inspired by Bentley’s version. Solids were used in the original design, but feel free to use prints if desired.
Finished Size: 40" x 40"
Skill Level:
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